How to lose 10 kg in 1 month without harm to health

How to lose 10 kg in a month without harm to health? Are you really thinking about this? Are you determined to lose that unfortunate 10 kg?

weight loss exercises for 10 kg per month

How do you know it's time to lose weight?

How to understand that it is really time to lose weight? If you have trouble breathing, it will be harder for you to move. If your favorite dress is tight, and the pants are completely out of focus at the waist. Even if a loved one subtly notices that skipping dessert is worth it.

Approaching the problem of weight loss from a scientific point of view, first of all, you need to calculate your body mass index. How to do it? Very simple! You need to square your weight by your height (in meters) and compare the results with the table. For example, your weight is 75 kg and your height is 1. 6 m. 75 / 1, 62= 29, 29. According to the table, this means excess weight. According to the same table, it is quite easy to calculate the "correct" weight.

It is common for excess weight to accumulate over many years. A slim, incredibly healthy girl turned into a chubby, chubby woman. And now, once you're on the scale, you don't see any rosy numbers. You decide to lose 10 kg or more. Under what circumstances would this be a necessary step?

From a medical point of view, the ideal "speed" of weight loss is 1-2 kg per week, when the body gradually reduces excess weight, without jerks and harsh measures. Otherwise there is a risk of harm to your health. But if your weight is 15-20 kg or more above the norm, then any physical activity is a burden or even brings suffering, if your eating habits are far from the diet. If you drink healthy, losing 10 kg is completely justified.

Doctor's consultation

If you are planning to lose 10 kg, first of all, you need to contact a specialist to rule out diseases for which diet and physical activity are contraindicated. Also, it won't be superfluous to donate blood to supplement hormones to ensure that the cause of the overweight is overeating and not health problems. Only then can you start losing weight.

The secret to successful weight loss

Successful weight loss 60% depends on what you eat. Therefore, food restriction is indispensable. Now there are many different diets and meal plans. Also on the Internet you can find many offers to compose a personal diet for money.

Choosing exactly what is right for your body is not easy. Of course, it's best to work with a dietitian to develop a comfortable eating plan that fits your lifestyle and habits. But not everyone is willing to spend time and money on this, often a lot. What principles should be followed to lose 10 kg? Based on what?

First of all, you need to create a calorie deficit compared to the calories burned for the day. The average physically active person burns about 2000 calories per day. Accordingly, if more than this is consumed, a mass gain occurs, at which point - stationary weight, if less - the body begins to burn stored fat.

The optimal consumption will be 1300-1500 kcal per day. Many women, in pursuit of an ideal body, to achieve results as quickly as possible, rush to the extreme - they eat very little or stop eating altogether. Consuming less than 1000 kcal per day for a long time is completely unacceptable! After all, our intelligent body understands that in conditions of energy deficiency (which we get from food), it needs to be saved and stored at every opportunity. There is a slowdown in metabolism (metabolism), the body goes into economic mode. That is why after fasting, the weight is often even more than before the diet. To avoid this from happening, it is necessary to adhere to the daily calorie intake and not to reduce it excessively.

So, what to do to lose 10 kg without harm to health? How to eat?

The safest option may be to follow nutritional guidelines, provide the correct combination and distribution of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) at meals throughout the day, eliminating foods withharmful to switch to healthy food.

Proper nutrition includes 5-6 meals in small portions. In the morning, when the body has just woken up and needs energy, it is best to consume complex carbohydrates. These include cereals, durum pasta, whole grain breads, and potatoes. There are also simple carbohydrates: sugar, premium flour products - cakes, pasta, white bread. These products during the weight loss phase should be excluded from the diet and should then be consumed in minimal quantities.

So a portion of porridge would be an ideal breakfast. Oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, corn - the choice is huge. You can add fruit to it - an apple, a banana, or dried, candied fruit.

Contrary to popular belief about the dangers of body fat, it is impossible to talk about health without them. After all, thanks to fats, the absorption of vitamins occurs, since most of them are fat-soluble. The condition of the skin, hair, nails, regularity of the menstrual cycle depends on the amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. There are also saturated fats. Many people have already talked about their harm, because this is the same type of cholesterol, an increase in cholesterol in the body will worsen the work of all its systems. To one degree or another, it is present in all products of animal origin, so it is important to control how much they put into the body. The best option is to consume fat in the morning, before breakfast. One tablespoon of flaxseed oil practically meets the daily requirement. Best taken on an empty stomach before breakfast. It is also essential to include fish, nuts, and dairy products in the diet, as they also contain healthy fats.

You're better off replenishing your energy supply two to three hours after breakfast with a banana snack, whole grain toast with avocado or low-fat cheese, nuts or seeds. Other foods contain complex carbohydrates.

For lunch, lean meat or fish are great for protein, whole-wheat pasta, rice or other grains to provide carbohydrates and vegetables for fiber. For example, grilled chicken breast with herbs and spices with a serving of brown rice and vegetable salad. Or pasta with chicken stew with vegetables. Vegetables are necessary for the normal functioning of the intestine, because a violation of its function will lead to various problems. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.

After lunch, it is necessary to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, because activity is reduced, and unrecognized carbohydrates, whether complex or simple, will be accumulated in the stomach and pope as fat. To avoid this - after dinner, you need to increase the amount of protein and fiber in your diet. Separately, it should be talked about fruit. They are, of course, useful, but the high fructose content should be taken in the morning.

For an afternoon snack, 2-3 hours after dinner, a serving of low-fat cheese or natural yogurt with nuts, bread, some berries or dried fruit is suitable.

Ideally, you should eat dinner 3-4 hours before going to bed. You need to do this by 6pm if you go to bed at 10pm. It's perfectly normal to have dinner at 11 p. m. if you stay up until 3 a. m.

The right dinner should consist mainly of protein and fiber. A great option would be meat or fish with vegetables, steamed or in another diet (stewed, boiled, grilled or even fried, but without oil). Egg white omelette and fresh vegetable salad are great too.

This type of nutrition is good because it provides enough "fuel" for the body when it is needed, which means no extra calories "stored". And regular meals will keep you from feeling hungry, so the chances of going bad are very low.

How to speed up the weight loss process

To accelerate weight loss, you need to eat foods that accelerate metabolism. It is mainly water. You need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water every day, excluding teas, soups, mixes, etc. v.

  • Firstly, our body is 80% water, it is very important for us.
  • Second, water participates in all metabolic processes of the body. If it is not enough, then the metabolism slows down.
  • Third, when we are thirsty, a signal is sent to the brain that is very similar to the signal about the need to eat.

That is, it is very likely that the sudden feeling of hunger is actually thirst. You need to drink often, divided into small portions throughout the day and remember to drink a glass of water an hour before meals. This will allow you to eat less.

Whole grain, unrefined foods also speed up the metabolism. After all, they contain a lot of fiber, the processing takes away a large amount of energy from the body. These are whole-wheat bread and pasta, brown or brown rice, bran, and whole-grain oatmeal (those that need to cook for 15-20 minutes). Lean meats, fish, low-fat dairy products, vegetables and fruits - broccoli, spinach, cabbage, citrus fruits - have a very positive effect on boosting metabolism. Coffee and tea also speed up the metabolism.

Spices with red pepper, ginger, cinnamon, curry and others will not only diversify the diet but also speed up the metabolism.

But foods high in sugar, high-grade flour, and pesticides lower the metabolic rate and make it impossible for the body to get rid of excess weight.

After deciding to lose weight and start eating right, you should spend 2-3 days fasting - drinking only water or green tea and eating only vegetables, ideally raw. You should eliminate salt or reduce your intake to 5 grams per day. Such a "shake" cleanses the body due to the large amount of fiber (vegetables) and removes excess water. After such a detox, you can start a diet.

Physical activity to lose weight

To lose 10 kg in a month, reasonable nutrition alone is not enough, you need to combine physical activity. Indeed, firstly, it will accelerate weight loss by increasing the number of calories burned per day, and second, it will improve the quality of your body.

There are a huge number of different types of physical activity - strength and cardiovascular training, gymnastics, dance programs, swimming, martial arts. As you can see, the selection is great and you can always find something of your own. But to lose 10 kg in a month, strength training combined with cardiovascular training will give the best results.

Weight loss exercises at home

First of all, you need to decide where you will exercise - at home or at the fitness center. Someone is afraid or does not have the financial opportunity to buy a subscription, while for some, on the contrary, only classes in the gym are suitable.

If you decide to work out at home, you'll need to buy some accessories - a mat, dumbbells, barbell. If desired, they can be replaced with water bottles and a folding blanket. Don't forget your sportswear. There are many videos on the Internet with strength and cardio exercises that you can do at home.

A common mistake made by newcomers to the sport is thinking that you need to work on the part of your body where you want to burn fat. This is fundamentally wrong! To lose 10 kg in a month, you need to work the muscles of the whole body. Otherwise, the weight loss process will take place more slowly than we would like.

If you decide to purchase a gym subscription, it's a good idea to spend a few sessions with an instructor who will teach you how to exercise on a simulator to avoid injury. In addition, a qualified trainer will be able to give advice on exercise and nutrition, set up a personalized training program.

It's better to do strength training 2-3 times a week to give your muscles time to recover. Often beginners are encouraged to do circuit training. This is a type of strength training in which exercises for different muscle groups are performed one after the other (in circles). Example of a circle: lunges with dumbbells - 15 reps, lifts with weights - 15 reps, twists - 15 reps, push-ups - 15 reps. And this circle is repeated 3-4 times. A circle can include 3-5 exercises or more. There can be 3, 4 rounds or more in a training session.

Between strength training exercises, you can run, swim, exercise. It will be a great choice for cardiovascular training, speeding up metabolism and allowing you to lose weight faster.

weight loss, exercise, run

When performing exercises, one must remember the technique, because without it the result will be worse and there is a risk of injury. Don't forget to breathe - tense on the exhale, relax on the inhale. Before training, you need to warm up and stretch. You're better off completing your strength training with cardio - running, walking intensively.

If running through winter streets and conquering simulations isn't "yours, " perhaps fitness classes or one of those dance classes will be your thing. For example, the new direction of fitness - zumba is a combination of dance steps and aerobic exercises. Who refuses to dance while losing weight?

During sports, a lot of fluid is lost that needs to be replenished. Therefore, to detox in the gym, bring a bottle of filtered water with you.

In all cases, before starting physical exercises, it is necessary to consult a doctor, especially if you plan to do heavy resistance training. After all, not knowing about some underlying disease or feature of the body can harm and aggravate the situation.

Motivation to lose weight

If you are determined to lose weight then look for inspiration. Often the entire fighting spirit disappears due to the lack of quick results, the inability to do certain types of exercise, or an unusual diet. Buy yourself an expensive dress 2 sizes smaller - this will be a good reason for you not to drop what you have started. Find like-minded people on the Internet and as soon as you feel like giving up everything, seek their support. Recently, another method of motivation has appeared - losing weight by betting. For someone, the opportunity to lose or, conversely, to win money will be an incentive to lose weight. When you want to drop everything and eat a piece of cake - look at the photos of girls and women who have gone through the process of losing weight. If they can do it, you can do it. After all, if a person really wants something, he will get it.

Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle is in vogue. Skinny and beautiful is the trend of our time. Therefore, finding a large number of healthy recipes on the Internet is not difficult. There are many types of exercises, exercises and complexes to lose weight. Search and choose what's right for you. And be healthy!